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About Us

Working with local charities and distribution partners to ensure that financial support is delivered to those that need it the most.

About The National Emergencies Trust


The intensity of emergencies in 2017 – from the terrorist attacks in Manchester and London to Grenfell – led the Charity Commission to convene a number of people in the charitable sector to see if there was a better way of responding to national emergencies. This has led to the creation of the National Emergencies Trust, which will collaborate with charities and other bodies to raise and distribute money and support victims at the time of a domestic disaster.


It is a charity, not the state; it will be additional to what the state does. It is independent of government, and will not seek to replicate the work of central or local government.

Domestic Disaster Response


At the time of a domestic disaster, it will launch a fundraising appeal, allowing the public to donate to one clear, independent and trusted organisation, rather than a multiplicity of brands, thereby limiting confusion. The Trust will work closely with all online giving platforms to direct public donations to NET appeals.


Victims often find it difficult to know who to turn to in the tragic aftermath of a national emergency. The Trust will be there for those victims to provide a single point of contact to apply for help with a simple application process. Financial awards can be made to victims quickly and efficiently, avoiding the bureaucracy of multiple applications. It should also help use money more effectively and minimise fraud.


Coordinating Financial Support


NET will work with local distribution partners such as community foundations and local charities to ensure financial support gets to the individuals or organisations that need it most. Those partners will work within parameters agreed with NET to distribute funds with both care and speed.


In the aftermath of any disaster, the Trust will report back on how the money raised was spent, and work collaboratively with others in the sector to learn lessons and make recommendations on improving emergency response.

Find Out More About The National Emergencies Trust


The National Emergencies Trust’s main aim is to be trusted to work collaboratively to raise funds fairly and efficiently at a time of a large scale domestic disaster.


Meet the people responsible for the strategic direction of The National Emergencies Trust. Our mission, vision, goals and values that drive our work.


The NET operating model is to launch an appeal in response to a specific emergency in order to raise funds to support those that need help. It is imperative that NET can respond quickly in the event of a national emergency.


In order to ensure our operational readiness, NET maintains a small team and infrastructure for which we are currently raising funds.

Board of Trustees


Meet the Board of Trustees and Senior Leadership Team that are responsible for the strategic direction of The National Emergencies Trust.

Our Mission


Find out more about the National Emergencies Trust. Our mission, vision, goals and values that drive our work.

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