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Acting Fast and Fairly

Acting Fast and Fairly


The National Emergencies Trust introduces new measures to ensure funds from its Coronavirus Appeal will reach the most marginalised

The National Emergencies Trust has today announced new measures to ensure the funds it is distributing, at speed, through its Coronavirus Appeal are as accessible as possible to those most at risk of further marginalisation, increasing funds to BAME communities.


As emerging independent research, including from the Office of National Statistics, shows BAME communities are at significantly heightened risk from COVID-19, the Trust has introduced a series of new measures to ensure funds are distributed fast – and equitably. These include:


Ring-fencing an initial £250,000 to enhance Community Foundations’ outreach to BAME-led charities and those supporting BAME communities and other groups at risk of marginalisation – for example by providing them with additional support for grant applications


Adjusting its allocation criteria to make increased funds available to those living in areas of economic disadvantage, which will in turn provide better support for BAME communities, disabled people and other marginalised communities


Welcoming Elizabeth Balgobin to its Allocation Committee, which oversees the fair distribution of funds. Elizabeth is Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at the Institute of Fundraising and a consultant at Small Charities Coalition, so brings a wealth of experience on the issue of fairness and small organisations


Deploying external communications, in conjunction with partners, to target BAME-led charities to encourage them to make funding applications.

Helping The Most Vulnerable In UK Society

In the seven weeks since the Appeal’s launch, the Trust has received more than £60m in pledges and already distributed more than £30m of this to grassroots charities that are meeting the urgent needs of the most vulnerable in UK society.


With pledges still coming in at pace, thanks to generous donations from the public, major charitable trusts and businesses, the National Emergencies Trust is intensifying its efforts to ensure that the money it receives reaches those groups who are at greatest risk of being marginalised.

Jehangir Malik, Founder Trustee of the Muslim Charities Forum, Co-Optee of the National Emergencies Trust and Chair of its Equity Working Group, said: “As the COVID-19 crisis broke, the Trust’s primary focus was to receive and distribute funds as quickly as possible to those in urgent need. Partnering with the UK Community Foundations network has enabled us to distribute more than £30m in just six weeks, and support more than 4,000 local level charities working on the community frontline.”


He continued: “New data on the specific impacts of the crisis is now emerging and, together with our own growing bank of data, is informing how we allocate and distribute funds as we move forward. In the immediate term, we’re committed to taking an agile approach to new needs that arise. At the same time, we’re collaborating with the UK Community Foundations network and wider organisations to build strong foundations for fairness for the long term.”

John Herriman, CEO of the National Emergencies Trust, said: “The speed at which we can make a difference to those in urgent need is the hallmark of the National Emergencies Trust as an emergency funder. We’re extremely proud of what we’ve been able to achieve so far thanks to the collective generosity of the public, businesses and Charitable Trusts. But it’s of paramount importance to us that this agility goes hand in hand with making sure this generosity is felt by everyone, especially those who are from marginalised groups.”


He continued: “When the National Emergencies Trust launched in November last year, it was with stringent practices around fairness. But we can always do more and that’s why, just seven weeks into the Coronavirus Appeal, we’re responding to emerging data with further measures to ensure everyone gets the urgent support they need.”

Support From The Appeal

The National Emergencies Trust’s Coronavirus appeal is responding to the needs of local communities across the UK and allocating money to community foundations based on local factors such as levels of deprivation and demographics in each region. The kinds of voluntary organisations it is supporting are working on the frontline, doing all they can to support those most impacted, providing everything from food banks and delivery services, to shelter and support groups.


If you represent a local charity or group that would like to receive support from the appeal, you can find out who your local Community Foundation is and get in touch here: https://www.ukcommunityfoundations.org/our-network.

NET Coronavirus Appeal

The National Emergencies Trust’s Coronavirus Appeal was launched in partnership with the British Red Cross and with the support of HRH Duke of Cambridge on March 18, 2020. In the event of a national emergency, the charity allows financial awards to be made quickly and efficiently to people who need it most.

Anyone can make a donation and further donations can be made by clicking the below button.


by texting APPEAL to 70141 to donate £10

Text cost £10 +1 standard message. UK mobiles only. The National Emergencies Trust will receive 100% of your donation.