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Coronavirus Appeal – 12 Week Report


Coronavirus Appeal – 12 Week Update


When the National Emergencies Trust launched last November, no-one could have predicted the first Appeal would be for a disaster on the scale of the global Coronavirus crisis. But on 11th March this year the World Health Organisation (WHO) made the assessment that Covid-19 could be characterised as a pandemic – and the Trust activated on 18th March.


This short report provides an overview of the Coronavirus Appeal to-date. It shows the significant sums of money that have been raised and distributed, at speed, thanks to the generosity of corporate donors, charitable trusts and public supporters.


Most importantly, it shows what those donations have enabled. They have empowered incredible volunteers from thousands of grassroots organisations all over the UK to provide for their communities through this period of unparalleled need.

Needs within communities have changed shape

This 12-Week Update also provides a glimpse into how needs within communities have been changing shape over the course of the crisis. Grants data shows the shift in focus from everyday essentials, like food and medicine, in the early weeks to wellbeing support, delivered at a distance.


As new external data on the impacts of Covid-19 have emerged, the Trust has reviewed this against its grants data to respond at pace. For example, increasing support for those from hard hit BAME* communities by setting aside additional, dedicated funds and identifying new distribution partners.

Gap analysis

Today, with 12 weeks of grants data from the emergency response phase of the Appeal, the Trust is undertaking a detailed gap analysis, combining grants data with external insights into wider sector funding, government funding and emerging unmet needs.


Completed later this month, the analysis will enable us to identify any areas of potential under-funding: where specific groups or specific needs may benefit from additional support. These insights will enable us to evolve our strategy and partners to ensure remaining Appeal funds are distributed equitably.

*Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic