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Coronavirus Appeal Update August 14th

NET NEWS – August 14th 2020






From Beirut to Aberdeenshire, the tragedies of recent days are a sobering reminder that unexpected events, with devasting outcomes, can happen at any time. Our deepest sympathies are with all those whose lives have been affected so suddenly, and so tragically, by these incidents.


It is why, as we continue to ensure Coronavirus Appeal funds flow to those in great need, our team is also busy preparing for the next national emergency, whenever and wherever that might arise. How will we apply what we’ve learned through this pandemic? How can we harness our incredible community? And where are the opportunities to create more equitable outcomes? Not just for NET and during emergencies, but for our sector at large in the long-term.


This week ACF published its excellent Good Practice Principles for Funders in a Covid-19 Context, which we fully support and are already embedding in a number of ways, including in our recent grant agreement with Comic Relief. Yes these are principles that are vital to take note of for now, but they are borne of challenges created well before this emergency and could have benefits far beyond it. This is what makes them so valuable.


In the coming weeks, we will be announcing findings from our recent gap analysis, revealing areas of unmet need created by this crisis – and how we intend to respond to them. As ever, our aim is to ensure that funds reach those in greatest need, particularly vulnerable groups and those that have been harder for us to reach so far.


I’d like to thank you again for your support for the Coronavirus Appeal. With your help, charities and local groups are helping to curb the crisis in communities, all over the UK.


John Herriman, CEO
National Emergencies Trust



Outspoken Arts Scotland is an organisation working hard to reach out to diverse communities in Glasgow & Paisley through digital channels. Keeping children and young people actively engaged in storytelling and providing a creative outlet to voice anxieties and forging a way to build a sense of identity and solidarity.


Thanks to Coronavirus Appeal Funds, distributed through Foundation Scotland, Outspoken Arts have been able to gather stories of peoples’ lived experience during lockdown.


These stories and experiences will be shared electronically, by virtual exhibition, in galleries, on storyboards and eventually in the streets of local areas to bring communities together and foster support and unity.

Funds distributed by The Community Foundation for Northern Ireland are being used by the Portstewart Football & Community Club to provide a lifeline to many vulnerable and isolated families and individuals in County Londonderry.


The volunteers have been providing packages containing essential food and household items to the elderly and vulnerable in the local community, supporting anyone who needs help.


Your donations are making a difference all over the UK, through amazing grassroots charities like this. Thank you!


Sisters, Eugenie and Henny, known as The Two Violin Sisters have been busking every day since the 23rd of March raising donations for The National Emergences Trust and continue to do so even though they have passed their 100 consecutive days target.

Dulwich College pupils, staff and families came together to complete their 401 Challenge to celebrate the schools 401st birthday by completing 401 themed tasks – solving as many Rubik’s cubes and making as many omelettes as possible in 401 seconds, baking and decorating 401 cookies, using 401 matchsticks to create a model of the school building, dancing, painting and lots of other creative fun all raising donations for The NET Coronavirus Appeal.

NET Coronavirus Appeal

The National Emergencies Trust’s Coronavirus Appeal was launched on March 18, 2020, with the support of the Duke of Cambridge.

Anyone can make a donation and further donations can be made by clicking the below button.

or by texting APPEAL to 70141 to donate £10

If you’re a local charity or group that would like to receive support from the appeal, you can find out who your local Community Foundation is and get in touch here. For more info, go to: https://www.ukcommunityfoundations.org/our-network