Coronavirus Appeal

The National Emergencies Trust (NET) is launching a fundraising appeal to help those most affected by the recent coronavirus outbreak.



The world is in a state of emergency. The outbreak of coronavirus is affecting both businesses and people from across the globe. Many people are suffering, not just physically due to ill health, but also economically and socially. Workers are struggling to make ends meet, small, local businesses are closing their doors, and social distancing and self-isolation means people aren’t able to visit vulnerable loved ones.


The Government is doing everything it can to alleviate some of this pressure. However, at times like this, it’s the strength and desire to help from the public that can make the most difference. That’s why we, the NET, are today launching an appeal to raise funds for local charities and grassroots organisations that can provide vital support to people in the quickest way possible.

Working Collaboratively


We will work collaboratively with a wide range of organisations to ensure the maximum amount of money is raised and distributed securely, effectively, and fairly to those organisations and local charities who can do most to help those in need. We have built a partnership network over the past few months to provide you with the reassurance that the funds raised will only be channelled through the most trusted and reputable organisations, so you know you’re giving to those who need it the most.


In time, we will report back on how the money raise was spent, and work collaboratively with others in the sector to share best practices and improve our nation’s emergency response over time.


The fundraising appeal administration will be run by the British Red Cross, on behalf of the NET. The British Red Cross is working with the NET to make it simple and easy for people to give. The British Red Cross will transfer funds to the NET, who will work with UK Community Foundations. Each of the 46 community foundations have an in-depth understanding of their local area, what the priority needs are and how best to address these issues, so they can ensure the funding goes where it is most needed and can make the most impact.


With your support, and help from our partners, we’ll get through the impact caused by coronavirus, together.


Individuals and charities should not apply directly to the NET for funds. Grant aid and how to apply to your local community foundation will be available from 23rd March 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions


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Find Your Nearest Community Foundation


There are 46 accredited Community Foundations in the UK, covering all of Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and most of England.

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Where Does My Donation Go?


Your donation will go to local charities who are supporting individuals across the UK.

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The National Emergencies Trust’s main aim is to be trusted to work collaboratively to raise funds fairly and efficiently at a time of a large scale domestic disaster.


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The NET operating model is to launch an appeal in response to a specific emergency in order to raise funds to support those that need help. It is imperative that NET can respond quickly in the event of a national emergency.


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