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November 2020


Coronavirus Appeal


Thank you for your interest in the Coronavirus Appeal.


Your donations are making a huge difference. All funds raised will continue to support those impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, all over the UK.

See how your donations are making a big difference

Your incredible generosity has already enabled thousands of grassroots charities and groups across the UK to help those in urgent need in their communities.
When lockdown started, your donations helped to get food and other essentials to those shielding. They also helped to provide emergency accommodation to those in great need.
Over time, your donations have enabled small charities to digitise their services so that they can still offer mental health, wellbeing and a range of other support from a safe distance.
And today your generosity is ensuring that as people’s needs change, they can continue to receive vital help, whoever and wherever they are.

Your Help in Headlines


Creating Change Together


It’s become increasingly clear through this emergency that to provide support to those who need it requires a truly collaborative effort; and this is especially true when trying to reach the most at-risk groups.


So we are delighted to be working with a whole range of funding partners who are helping to ensure your donations reach those in urgent need as quickly as possible


Find the latest information on our funding partners and the important work they do.

Donations, data and decisions

Our mission is to make sure your donations go to those in greatest need. The Allocations Committee meets regularly to discuss the latest grants data and decide where your money is needed most.


Support from all sides


The original mission of the National Emergencies Trust was to offer the public one simple, trusted place to donate at the time of a domestic disaster.


But this pandemic has been a very different kind of disaster. With a very different kind of response.


Approximately 45% of donations to the Coronavirus Appeal have come from companies, 22% from charitable trusts, 23% from the government and 10% from the public. The collective generosity has been astounding.


Norfolk-based charity, About With Friends, has transformed donations into socially-distanced support services for local people with learning difficulties, from live-feeds to doorstep packs.


Stay Informed

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