Creating Change Together


Creating Change Together

Coronavirus Appeal Update – Week 24


The Covid-19 pandemic has created urgent need across the UK on a scale that none of us could have ever anticipated. The way we live changed overnight. It has introduced new physical, practical and wellbeing challenges. For many it has meant existing social and economic challenges have been even more deeply felt.


The charitable sector, and in particular grassroots charities and groups, have been lightning-fast to respond to the need they saw on their doorsteps. Closely connected into their communities, they have been attentive to the challenges created, transforming their services to support the most vulnerable; from mental health support delivered virtually to doorstep food parcels.

A Collaborative Effort

We’ve been truly privileged to see these grassroots efforts play out in the nearly 10,000 successful applications for Coronavirus Appeal funds granted by Community Foundations UK-wide.


It’s become increasingly clear through this emergency that to provide support to those who need it requires a truly collaborative effort; and this is especially true when trying to reach the most at-risk groups. So we are delighted that since our last Appeal update in June, we’ve been able to welcome more funding partners who can provide targeted support for unmet needs created by this crisis.

24 Week Report

The following short report captures how our Allocations Committee, Equity Scrutiny Group and independent grant assessors have been working together to ensure funds reach all those who need them, efficiently and equitably, in line with National Emergencies Trust’s founding vision.


We cannot thank our donors enough for their support in making this all happen. Their generous donations are making a huge difference across the UK and will continue to do so for many months to come.