Collaborative Effort


The Covid-19 pandemic has created urgent need across the UK on a scale that none of us could have ever anticipated. It has created significant new physical, practical and wellbeing challenges for thousands of people, and for many has meant that existing social and economic challenges have been even more deeply felt.


It’s become increasingly clear through this emergency that to provide support to all those who need it requires a truly collaborative effort. Since early April, the National Emergencies Trust has undertaken consultations and needs assessments to inform and evolve our funding approach, to ensure help reaches those in great need, whoever and wherever they are.


Below you can find the latest information on our funding partners and the important work they do.

National Charity Partners

August 2020


From August 2020 we started to distribute £12million in Coronavirus Appeal funds to a range of new charity partners, including LGBT+ Consortium Helpline Alliance and disability support network, DPO COVID-19 Coalition.


Each of the five new partners provides support to a disproportionately impacted group that we believe may have been underserved through the pandemic so far, according to a detailed gap analysis that reviewed our own grants data as well as funding from external sources.


These national partners will enable wider groups of communities to access services in different ways, for example, through national helplines or through targeted grant programmes managed by organisations with lived experience. Helplines will play a prominent part in the new partnerships because of the vital support they provide for those who find it harder to access help outside of home, and those unsure where to turn for support, including first-time charity users.


You can find the latest information on each of our partners and their activities here.


Comic Relief

July 2020


In July we announced a partnership with Comic Relief to create a £3.4m fund for 10 BAME*-led organisations who will distribute funding to small and micro projects across the UK. This includes £2.75m in emergency funding from the NET Coronavirus Appeal.


The organisations specialise in and will fund small projects across a range of services including mental health, domestic abuse, sports provision, gender, racial inequality and family services. The grants started to be made available in mid-July.


Each organisation is setting their criteria and grant amounts individually and applicants can apply to them directly. Find out more about the grants here.


Find out more about NET’s wider support for BAME communities here.

*Black and Minority Ethnic Communities

UK Community Foundations (UKCF)

March 2020


Partnering with UK Community Foundations (UKCF) and its network of 46 accredited Community Foundations and one distributing partner has enabled us to reach grassroots charities and groups at speed, all over the UK. This was especially vital in the earlier weeks of the emergency when more than half of grants were to support those who were unable to access food, medicines and other vital living essentials.


As the pandemic evolves, needs are changing but our continued work with UKCF is enabling incredible grassroots organisations to be there for those in great need in their communities.


You can find out more about UKCF and its vital work here.

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