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My first six months as a National Emergencies Trust intern

By Dami Amodu, Distribution Intern, National Emergencies Trust

If you told 18-year-old Dami that she would be working in a charity organisation I would not have believed you, I also would not have believed you if you told me there would be a worldwide pandemic but here we are.


I found myself at the National Emergencies Trust by chance and I am so glad I am here.  My best friend put me in contact with Street League, a charity that helps young people find employment, and it was through Street League I got my internship at the National Emergencies Trust.


My background is in events, and I studied event management at university. I thought I would go down that route, but life had other plans and Covid. I planned a charity event at university on behalf of Mind in Mid Herts, a charity in Hertfordshire that supports young people who need mental health support. The event was a great success, and it opened my eyes to a career in the charity sector.


Today marks my six months at the National Emergencies Trust (this is the longest job I have had) and I cannot believe how fast time has gone. I have loved my time here so far, the work, the people, and the culture. I am still fairly new to the charity sector, and I am still learning a lot as I go, and I cannot wait to see where my role at the National Emergencies Trust takes me. These are many things I love about working at the National Emergencies Trust but here are just a few things.


The values


I love how the values are incorporated in everything we do at National Emergencies Trust. I also love that the acronym spells out TACTIC makes it a lot easier to remember.


My favourite value has to be collaboration (the second C). Collaboration is highly encouraged all throughout the National Emergencies Trust as it helps to promote teamwork throughout the different departments.


National Partners


One of my responsibilities as a distribution intern is being the main point of contact for the National Partners for the Coronavirus Appeal.


During the Appeal, we started to bring in additional national charities to help support communities that were disproportionately impacted due to the pandemic whose needs were not being fully met. We chose these partners to help us to close those specific gaps.


I love reading about the amazing work they have done within the communities they support that were affected by the pandemic. As the Coronavirus Appeal is coming to a close, it is so inspiring and great hearing about how Appeal funding has allowed them to achieve so much for their communities, helping them through the hard times.


For example, Age UK created a Telephone Friendship Service which offered weekly telephone befriending calls to older people during the loneliest period in many of their lives. Refuge recently introduced a British Sign Language interpretation strand on the National Domestic Abuse Helpline. This made it easier for deaf women to access their services and to reach out for help from their Helpline Advisers in their first language


Maybe this is something I can save for another blog.




As part of my job, I help make sure that we take an EDI approach in everything that we do at the National Emergencies Trust, making sure that each department does their bit and holding them accountable to it.Having Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion embedded in our organisation helps to ensure that we are doing our bit to remember all protected characteristics when distributing funds.


I love that it is something that we do not for show, or we do to make ourselves look good. It is something that the whole organisation genuinely cares about.
We regularly hold Lunch and Learns with our National Partners to learn more about the work they are doing and how they take an EDI approach within their organisations.




Working at the National Emergencies Trust has given me an opportunity to grow and to learn more about the charity sector and how it works.It took me a while to pick up the terminology. I still remember smiling and nodding my way through some meetings but day by day my confidence and knowledge grows. I am still learning new things every day. I am still gaining more confidence each day and taking on new and bigger opportunities that I would have been too nervous to do before.


In the future, I would like to put together the skills and experience that I am learning at the National Emergencies Trust, and what I learnt from my degree, and possibly consider a career planning charity events or something similar. I genuinely believe that the National Emergencies Trust will give me that push I need.