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The National Emergencies Trust is delighted to announce the appointment of a number of new members to its Equity Scrutiny Group.

National Emergencies Trust welcomes new members to its Equity Scrutiny Group

The National Emergencies Trust is delighted to announce the appointment of a number of new members to its Equity Scrutiny Group.


Saher Ahmed, Elaine Bowes, Emily Dresser, Saba Hussain, Joanna Moss and Humraaj Singh bring with them a wealth of lived and learned experience that will help the charity to prepare for the next national emergency.


The Group’s volunteers help to ensure equitable and inclusive practices across all of the National Emergencies Trust’s activities. They offer guidance on how it funds and fundraises, how it recruits and how it creates a caring and inclusive culture for everyone.


During emergency appeals, the Group works collaboratively with the Allocations Committee to scrutinise allocation decisions, helping to ensure that all those whose lives are affected by national emergencies receive the support they need, as soon as they need it.


The National Emergencies Trust has been recruiting new members to its Equity Scrutiny Group since last December 2021. As well as the new members, Trustee Dalton Leong has been appointed as the Group’s Chair and long-standing Equity Scrutiny Group member and now Trustee, Elizabeth Balgobin, has become the Group’s Vice Chair.


Dalton Leong said: “Ensuring that we put lived experience at the heart of decision-making is central to the National Emergencies Trust’s strategy. The Equity Scrutiny Group, alongside our Survivors Advisory Forum, is fundamental to us achieving this aim.


“With the Coronavirus Appeal now in a new phase, we are delighted to welcome new members who will strengthen and diversify the skills and experience of the Equity Scrutiny Group. They will play an invaluable role, helping us to embed equity, diversity and inclusion through everything we do; from the distribution of funds, through to our day-to-day practices and culture.”

Meet the Equity Scrutiny Group

Dalton Leong

Chair of the Equity Scrutiny Group


Dalton has 26 years’ experience in the charity sector in governance roles and as chief executive of Shooting Star Children’s Hospice; then, running the charity appeals and grants programme at Global (Radio); and currently as chief executive of The Children’s Trust. He chairs the Surrey Equity, Diversity and Inclusion steering group and is a Race Advisory Committee member of the Chartered Management Institute. Dalton joined the Equity Scrutiny Group in March 2021.

Elizabeth Balgobin

Vice Chair of the Equity Scrutiny Group


Elizabeth is a consultant and interim sector leader with over 30 years’ experience. In all roles her wider motivation is ensuring equitable access,looking at Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in terms of funding and running of programmes. She is particularly interested in the impact and equity of funding, and the metrics used to determine success. Elizabeth is one of the first members that formed the Equity Scrutiny Group in early May 2020.

Dr Saher Ahmed

Saher is Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) at the Wellcome Sanger Institute, where she is responsible for influencing and making changes to policies, practices and provisions that disproportionately disadvantage people according to their protected characteristics. Saher has worked for over 15 years in the field of EDI, and her experience spans developing and implementing national EDI strategy and policy; providing advice and guidance at all levels and building and maintaining links and networks across varied sectors. Saher joined the Equity Scrutiny Group in January 2021.

Elaine Bowes

Elaine is a strategically focused specialist in the area of equality and inclusion, with over 37 years of experience gained working for government agencies, local authorities, housing associations and charities. She is currently the Head of Marketing and Communications at the Pentecostal Credit Union – a national black led community bank serving the financial needs of the Pentecostal Faith community in the UK. Her motivation for joining the Equity Scrutiny Group was the underrepresentation of Black-majority churches in the grant-giving field, as well as a passion for equality. Elaine joined the Group in January 2021.

Ila Chandavarkar

Ila is a consultant and trainer who specialises in equality, human rights and refugee resettlement, currently working on race and gender equalities. She is a trustee at national Black and Minority Ethnic organisations – Voice4Change England and the Black Training Enterprise Group, as well as Chair of a women’s organisation in Cambridge. She has a keen interest in social justice, and the appropriate resourcing and development of voluntary sector organisations in equalities, diversity and inclusion. Ila joined the Equity Scrutiny Group when it first formed in early May 2020.

Emily Dresser

Emily has recently joined The Climate Coalition leading on fundraising across corporates, major donors and Trusts & Foundations. Previously, Emily worked on the front line in poverty relief, and first heard about the National Emergencies Trust through applying to Community Foundations for grants to help fund food banks, emergency shelters and more. Equity, diversity and inclusion have been core parts of her work and beliefs, and she is excited to bring her perspective to the group. Emily joined the Group in August 2021.

Saba Hussain

Saba is the Strategic Lead for Partnerships, Policy and Commissioning at Surrey County Council, alongside her voluntary work as a custody worker and befriender. At the core, across all her work and voluntary endeavours, is her belief to strive towards equity – which is a chief factor in joining the Equity Scrutiny Group. Saba brings with her experience and insights into the voluntary, community and faith sector and local government, in managing hardship grants across the county during the pandemic. Saba strives to put community at the heart of any data-led decision making. She joined the Group in August 2021.

Kirit Mistry

Kirit is a trustee at Voice4Change England, Aikyam UK, Hindu Council UK and founder of South Asian Health Action Charity. Kirit is an advisory group member of the NIHR Centre for Engagement & Dissemination, an associate for National Voices. He was motivated to join the Equity Scrutiny Group due to the lack of funding for BAME charities and to ensure justice to the equality agenda is done. Kirit brings over 35 years of working on race, equality, inclusion, diversity, health inequalities and community engagement. Kirit currently works on Communicating Race Equality Messages Effectively (CREME) Project for Race On The Agenda (ROTA). He joined the Equity Scrutiny Group in May 2020.

Joanna Moss

Joanna is the Head of Business Development at Mind. Equity, diversity and inclusion feature across Joanna’s career – at the moment, focusing on the development of mental health services and interventions for particular communities, as well as in previous work on HIV prevention and sexual health support. Joanna brings her own lived experience of mental health problems and a disability. She joined the Equity Scrutiny Group in August 2021.

Humraaj Singh

Humraaj is currently Director of Partnerships at Caudwell Children, a national disability charity as well as Trustee of a Sandwell Sikh social action charity and volunteers with an international NGO. He works across a number of third sector forums, being a strong advocate for collaboration within the Charity Sector to overcome system gaps and structural inequalities. He is keen to share his 24 years of fundraising and charity management experience with the Equity Scrutiny Group to provide fairer and more equitable funding distribution at grassroots levels. Humraaj joined the Group in August 2021.