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TransActual CIC

TransActual CIC has received funding through our partnership with the LGBT+ Consortium. It was founded in 2017 to advocate, inform and empower other trans (including non-binary) people, in response to the changing community needs. Trans people’s need to seek transition related support directly from their GP has become increasingly important, but trans people continue to face barriers when seeking support from their GP. The already lengthy NHS GIC waiting lists have grown even longer during the pandemic. With help from funding from the NET Coronavirus Appeal, distributed through LGBT+ Consortium, TransActual will be spending the next few months delivering sixteen healthcare focussed workshops, some with a specific focus on the disabled and/or POC communities. The NET funding also contributed to the strategic meetings with MPs project, which gives the charity the resources to put activists in front of the relevant MPs during pivotal moments when deciding and defining policy.


Rico Jacob Chace, Director of TransActual CIC, said “Running TransActual CIC during the Covid pandemic hasn’t been easy, we’ve had to adapt both to keep our existing service running and meet the ever-changing requirements of the trans and non-binary community. We have noted a rise in hate crime and hate speech, in the form of online and physical incidents and fuelled by the media. As safe spaces have been put on hold due to the pandemic, trans and/or non-binary people have been isolated from their communities and chosen families, putting them at a higher risk for hate crime and the anxiety and depression that comes with it. TransActual has therefore created a magazine platform where people can share their stories, TransActual runs workshops to inform people of their rights, shares their experiences in speeches and include their quotes in government consultations so people in positions of authority have an accurate picture of the hardship our community faces.”

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