Bushra Ahmed Remembers The London Riots

Remembering the London Riots

One decade on, our thoughts today are with the many people whose lives and livelihoods were affected by the riots that took place in London and across the UK in August 2011.


Between the 6th and 11th August five people tragically lost their lives to the series of violent protests. Many others lost their homes, businesses and most cherished possessions.


Our hearts go out to all those still living with the trauma of what they experienced and the profound effects that the riots had on their lives.


The National Emergencies Trust launched in 2019 to help the survivors of UK emergencies and their loved ones.


For future emergencies we are committed to making sure that all those affected receive the support they need, as soon as they need it.


Bushra Ahmed, a valued member of our Survivors Advisory Forum, has shared her personal experiences of the Croydon Riots with BBC News: