Thelma Stober


Thelma is a Solicitor, Commercial Mediator and Company Secretary with extensive experience in the public sector. After practising as a barrister, she moved to the public sector as Head of Legal Services and Monitoring Officer at several public authorities including the London Development Agency (LGA), the Greater London Authority (GLA) and the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC).


As the Director of Law and Governance at the Mayor of London’s Economic Development Agency, Thelma played a leading role in the preparation of the successful bid to bring the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games in London. Thelma was caught in the tragic bombing of the Aldgate train in 2005.


Thelma is currently the Corporate Legal Adviser for the Local Government Association (LGA) and its associated companies providing strategic legal support to LGA member authorities on issues with wider sector impact.


Thelma is also a non-Executive Director of Herts Valley CCG and chair of its Primary Medical Commissioning Committee and i Remuneration Committee. She is ambassador for One Voice and Trustee of London Emergencies trust. She is a member of central Government’s Victims Panel. She campaigns for the voice of victims of terrorism to be heard and speaks nationally and internationally for support for survivors of terrorism and families of the bereaved.
Thelma was recently appointed as co-chair for Grenfell Memorial Commission.
In her spare time, she supports victims of terrorism and other national disasters and is an NHS volunteer.

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